EuroHockey Club Champions Cup 2014




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When I wrote the recap of yesterday on Facebook one word was bothering me: Losers. Of course; in sports you have winners and losers but it isn’t the nicest thing to say.  Fortunately, the losers of yesterday could become winners today. The two teams that won today are playing for the fifth and sixth place on Monday at 12.00. Oh and there is that word again, the losers or can I better say the teams that lost their matches today, play for the seventh and eighth place Monday at 9.30.


The first match today was between Atasport (AZE) and Reading HC (ENG). Atasport who lost their match yesterday with 0-9 must have had more hope for the match against Reading HC. Atasport played better than yesterday however Reading HC had the upper hand during the whole game. The scoop of Atasport was the only weapon that made them dangerous. Reading HC played steady hockey and won the match with 1 - 3. 

The second and last match was between Berliner HC (GER) and Railway Union HC (IRL). Both teams played the same level of hockey during the match, very physical and not so presice. The women where tumbling over each other more often than they scored goals. After 70 minutes the score was 1-1, so shootouts needed to determine the winner. Only Berlin HC scored and won the match.

One of the teams that was a loser today can again try to become a winner on Monday.

Tomorrow Amsterdam H&BC and Hockeyclub 's-Hertogenbosch play their second matches against Uhlenhorster HC and Real Sociedad de futbal SAD. Many spectators are expected for both matches at 14.30 and 17.00. Again, we would like to welcome you tomorrow at Hockeyclub 's-Hertogenbosch for the third day of the EuroHockey club championship cup women 2014.

See you tomorrow!