EuroHockey Club Champions Cup 2014




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What a wonderful start of the Tournament at Hockeyclub ‘s-Hertogenbosch today. The sun was doing its best to warm up the spectators that were looking at the teams on the field. This was necessary because the wind was blowing hard from the north and temperatures were around 13 degrees Celsius. The Dutch weather, we can’t stop talking about it over here in the Netherlands.

But enough said about the weather, eventually we’re all here to see great matches between Europe’s best women field hockey teams.  The first match of the day was planned at 9.30 am, not a time the women are accustomed to play their games. Amsterdam (NLD) and Atasport (AZE) were the lucky ladies that had to play this early. Actually I don’t have to say much about this game, except that Amsterdam was way better than Atasport. Nine goals for Amsterdam against zero for Atasport says enough. Atasport tried a couple of times but stranded time and time again in the defence of Amsterdam. I can only hope that the players of Atasport came here by plane and not by bus because they won’t play for the prizes.

The next match was a totally different one. Reading HC (ENG) against Uhlenhorster HC (GER). These teams were really competing for the win and both had the chance. After 70 minutes the score was 1-1, shoot-outs were needed to determine a winner. Both teams missed the first 2 shoot-outs and Reading also the third one. Uhlenhorster scored the last three shoot-outs and won the match.

The third match of the day was between Berliner HC (GER) - Real Sociedad de Futbal SAD (SPA). Real Sociedad had the best chances and won the match with 0-1. In the last minutes of the match Berliner HC took out their goalkeeper for a field player as a last resort to equal the score.  Unfortunately for Berliner HC it wasn’t enough to win the game. 

The last match was between Railway Union HC (IRL) and Hockeyclub ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NED). There were only 2 minutes needed for 2 goals of Hockeyclub ‘s-Hertogenbosch; the first 2. After those 2 minutes they kept playing fast and Railway Union had some chances but failed to put the ball in the net. Hockeyclub ‘s-Hertogenbosch won the match with 0-7.

Tomorrow the losers of today play their matches for places 5 to 8.  Sunday the winners of today play the semi-finals. We hope to welcome you at Hockeyclub ‘s-Hertogenbosch for the rest of the weekend to support the teams.

See you at the club!