EuroHockey Club Champions Cup 2014




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Final preparations

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I want to tell you about our preparations for the coming weekend. I'm one of many volunteers. This week we have been preparing our club and ourselves for the European Hockey Club Champions Cup. It's going to be great!

On Tuesday the first team arrived. They had a training on Wednesday morning, and today all of the other teams arrived as well. All eight teams had a training and an equipment check today, and met their guides.

We finished our preparations. We have three tents; one for food, one for volunteers and one Brabant House. Inside our club house, the secretary is located, everything is in place, ready for the tournament to start. The transportation service (pick-ups and drop-offs at hotels and hockey club) proved to be useful and we didn't have difficulties with that. I hope the whole tournament will go just as smoothly. We have a stand where you can buy coins, which you can use to pay at the bars. We're more than ready.

The first match tomorrow will be Amsterdam against Atasport. I hope for a great start and that everyone will have a great time.

Welcome to Hockey Club 's-Hertogenbosch!